• Our goals are to:

    I. Pressure large-greenhouse-gas-emitting countries to commit to an international climate treaty by Poland (Dec 08 ) or Copenhagen (Dec 09) that would:

    1)Set targets to reduce GHG emissions quickly to levels scientifically required, not politically-feasible and 2)Stabilize global carbon-dioxide levels at 350 ppm within 5- 10 years.

    II.Pressure large-GHG emitters to assist with necessary adaptation needs of vulnerable populations in Nepal from climate change.

    III.Share local and indigenous knowledge about sustainable living practices

    IV.Improve scientific understanding of global warming impacts on Nepal

    V.Push for development of clean and just energy in Nepal

    VI.Educate the broader Nepali population about global warming impacts and adaptation strategies

    VII.Push and assist the government of Nepal to develop a national Climate Action Plan that would consider national adaptation strategies as well as national emissions mitigation strategies that would reduce GHG emissions in Nepal to net-zero.

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